Beth Thomas, CEO, Change 4 GrowthBeth Thomas, CEO
The events of 2020 undoubtedly gave even the most seasoned change management experts deadly heartburn. Social tensions, economic uncertainty, and political discord aside, they were confronted by the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic that brought business operations to a standstill—for months together! It reminded us, in the most unpleasant way, that “adaptability to change is the only way to survive!” And so, we pivoted. Changes were witnessed across the board—from the way we work to where we work, from the technology we use to connect to the very notion of social connection. But how many of these companies were successful at making the massive transition? Surprisingly, fewer than one might think!

According to Gartner, about half of change initiatives fail, whereas only 34 percent report clear success. But why is that? Where are they going wrong? Many CIOs have been burnt by not having a great change strategy as part of their implementation. Neither do they understand its value or the ROI. For most, it remains a luxury, a “nice to have” rather than a “must have,” and believe it is simple training or communication.

However, in the real world, businesses must adopt compelling and realistic Change Management methods to lead them through the year ahead to make this shift as seamless as feasible. Having a change strategy in place to support digital transformations of any size and scope helps to achieve 110 percent to 135 percent ROI, 4x higher employee engagement, and 2.7 percent higher top talent retention. Without a supporting change plan, your ROI can plummet to only 35 percent, with a 37 percent project overrun, disgruntled employees, and the loss of top talent. Given that the “new world order” is still unclear, businesses must realize that change management is now more important than ever—it will either make or break an organization.

With a corporate ethos emphasized on helping CIOs design, develop, and implement change, Change 4 Growth delivers tailored solutions that produce real, measurable results, lasting improvements, and ensure organizational success.

Founded in 2017, Change 4 Growth is a leading organizational change management consultancy spread across Westerville, Ohio, Atlanta, Georgia, Boca Raton, Florida, and the United Kingdom. They provide large-scale clients with specialized solutions in the areas of Organizational Change Management, Culture Alignment and Engagement, Leadership Development, Instructional Design & eLearning, and Project Delivery Support.

In an interview with Manage HR, Beth Thomas, CEO of Change 4 Growth, discusses the role of her company in addressing customers’ needs within the Change Management space.

How is Change 4 Growth Consulting effectively addressing the challenges CIOs face now in the Change Management space?

Change 4 Growth not only helps clients understand the value of change management, but we also quantify and demonstrate the impacts on business readiness and adoption through executive dashboards. These dashboards will show the return on investment from the metrics of success and key performance indicators we set up when initially engaged. Our solutions are customized to our clients.
We identify and measure true metrics of success where change will help the users understand the WIIFM (What’s in it for me), prepare them for change, and assist them in adopting and being successful change advocates. We put everything in the context of each user group, so the experiences are “Day in the Life” and based on true “Business case scenarios.” We have several tools in our toolbox that have been proven successful, ranging from strategy to execution, support, and transition to aid in the development of internal capabilities. We also certify internal change champions that will not only help CIOs succeed in their current initiative but all initiatives they will go through in the years to come.

We lead with our values; we delight our customers and we have fun

We help provide thought leadership through the journey of change. When you hire Change 4 Growth, you hire our bench of extreme talent, our models and templates, and a collection of best practices and lessons learned from our hundreds of years of experience. This is not just a “part” of what we do, it “is” what we do!

In order to assist organizations in becoming change agile, we have developed a resilient change assessment that compares your organization to a change resilient organization using 11 resilient change indicators. By identifying the gap, we collaborate with teams to help them to address the capability gaps and become change resilient, regardless of the change, and to develop this internal skill. We continually quantify the value that change management has had on the transformation to the employees, the company. We help you build the capability internally, so no matter what the change is you are going through, you will be prepared in the future!

Furthermore, dealing with change reaches beyond the direct impact of the transformation. While CIOs are focused on technological transformations, it is also critical that they consider what is going on with their people. If not done right, resignation, being short-staffed, and employee burnout will add to the challenges of change and the ability to process change and increase resilience.

Change 4 Growth addresses this by keeping people at the forefront of the change journey and emphasizing empathy and the transition from old to new. It is not just about Change management; it is about the culture of the organization and having the mindset of change. It’s about employee engagement throughout the process. We bring the employees along the journey of change; we do change with them, not to them, which results in increased adoption and advocacy.

Could you please cite one or two case studies on how you have enabled clients to overcome hurdles and attain desired outcomes with your innovative array of solutions?

We recently worked with a company that was preparing to adopt a large-scale ERP system. Even though they had never used an outside partner for OCM, they were aware of numerous failures that can come from not having a strong OCM program.
Leaders’ not understanding how to lead change is one of the top reasons organizations fail in their change journey – and for this, we have a solution! To help leaders understand their role and how to be successful change leaders, we put them through our Change Intelligence Assessment (by Barbara Trautlein) program (which we are certified in) to not only help them individually lead change more effectively but as a team. In addition, we set up metrics of success at the beginning that helped them with all the awareness, communications, training, and change impacts through the 9-month process. We monitored and course-corrected through the entire journey to make sure we were on target all the way through. We made sure our training was in the context of each person’s role and used real business case scenarios and data. We used creative learning techniques, certified a change champion network, and proved adoption through our executive dashboards and key performance indicators. We also supported them through every question or challenge that came up by walking alongside them – this is where our experience outshines others. Lastly, we created FAQs and a transition plan of how to sustain the performance after we successfully transitioned to the internal team.
  • We identify and measure true metrics of success where change will help the users understand the WIIFM (What’s in it for me), prepare them for change, and assist them in adopting and being successful change advocates

What according to you, are the distinct features of Change 4 Growth’s differentiating factors that give it a competitive edge?

Our amazingly diverse team is made up of high-performing consultants that have owned and executed the kinds of solutions we provide to our customers as an internal practitioner, crossing nearly every industry and company size you can imagine. I sum it up best with our motto: “We lead with our values; we delight our customers, and we have fun” that is who we are.

As mentioned above, we are all certified in Change Intelligence. That assesses leaders’ change style indicators and helps them lead change better individually and as a leadership team. Our digital transformation platform, ATLAS by C4G (trademark sign), where our tools and templates are housed (that support our CAPABLE model), is integrated and provides executive dashboards on business readiness & adoption. These are investments that we have made for our clients to help them successfully go through change and build internal capability. Our ATLAS transformation platform is free to our clients.

Additionally, our other pillars include culture engagement, change Leadership coaching, i.e., how to lead change – We assist leaders INSPECT what they EXPECT and hold people accountable while sticking to the decisions that were made around the change through leadership coaching. Our Training, Communication, and Mentoring are customized to each team, sometimes each individual, and the culture of the organization.

We are constantly innovating, adaptable, and looking for new ways to do things better, faster, and smarter. For example, we are conducting an Innovation Retreat for the entire firm in order to continue to innovate.

What does the future hold for your organization?

Our platforms place a high focus on delighting every customer and assisting them in understanding the importance of change management in each change. We also aim to assist clients in developing that capability so that change resiliency becomes a competency. Finally, we want to continually be seen as fantastic partners to our clients. In addition to many other awards (Best places to work, Most admired CEO), we received 100 percent customer satisfaction from our clients this year—which we will work hard to protect! We are just getting started in becoming the world’s best change management consultancy!