Eben Tobias Greene, President , ShiftUpEben Tobias Greene, President
Now, more than ever, organizational culture has proven to be an important, yet unknown factor in employee acquisition, engagement, and retention. In the absence of an enriching company culture, even the best employee engagement strategies fall flat. As the global economy progressively revives post-COVID, companies are struggling to acquire talented resources and retain their existing talents. Yet, they are faced with a curious phenomenon dubbed the “Great Resignation”, which has seen millions of people, ranging from frontline workers to senior executives, willingly quitting their jobs.

While a paradigm shift in the expectations between employers and employees has been gradually coming out for some time now, the pandemic accelerated the process and brought it into sharp focus. Employees are no longer merely looking at their jobs as a means to a financial end. They are also expecting their employers to offer a holistic organizational culture that truly cares for and about them and the values they find important. This disconnect between HR and these new workforce expectations is one of the main catalysts of this mass resignation and, troublingly, also hindering the recruitment of new talent.

Finding ways to energize and engage existing employees and be attractive to new hires is one of the goals of the strategic change agency ShiftUp. By designing creative solutions to streamline organizational transformation, ShiftUp helps businesses drive growth by optimizing resource performance, attracting the right people, and creating a company culture to retain their best talent.

In an interview with the editorial team of ManageHR, Eben Tobias Greene, President and Vision Keeper of ShiftUp, discusses how his company designs bespoke strategic change management programs for businesses to boost revenue while also boosting retention.

Could you introduce us to ShiftUp?

ShiftUp is uniquely positioned as a strategic change agency. We help business leaders transform vision into action to accelerate purposeful growth. We offer services focused on helping businesses with brand differentiation, culture activation, and marketing to strengthen company culture and engage employees to become more confident and responsive to changes in the organization and the market. We also help organizations strategically engage their people and give them a say in how the company culture is expressed both internally and externally. This manifests in branding and messaging and becomes an inherent part of company culture.

ShiftUp leads strategic changes for organizations by helping in three ways:
1.MAKE A PLAN for business innovation to get breakthrough results with a Grow Forward Strategy.
2.ENERGIZING BRANDS from within to inspire teams and engage customers with our Brand Powered Marketing services.
3.CREATE AN IMPACT with ValYou Culture Programs that get people and priorities working together.

What are some of the market challenges that ShiftUp addresses, and how?

Currently, the world is facing a time where people are questioning the company culture of their employers and want it to align with their professional and personal aspirations. Consequently, companies and their HR departments are grappling with how to highlight company culture in a way that brings together both virtual and on-site teams. It’s all about energizing company culture to be appealing and engaging for their employees. Many companies are simply at a loss as to how to begin to shift to incorporate culture in a thoughtful way. ShiftUp helps businesses by presenting programs that actively engage employees. When everyone has a sense of involvement, meaningful change becomes that much more powerful.

Could you briefly describe ShiftUp’s journey through the years?

ShiftUp was founded in 1991 and focused on branding and marketing communications for organizations. Eventually, we realized that organizations often struggle to transform their internal culture, which has a greater impact on their brand. We wanted to provide businesses clarity on their vision, voice, and values since any brand growth or business strategy will not be successful if the company culture doesn’t support it. ShiftUp was born out of the need to take a deeper practical approach to organizational culture transformation.

Building blocks of a healthy company culture

Could you elaborate on ShiftUp’s change management programs?

Change leadership is all about helping companies achieve clarity and consensus on how to strengthen company culture to become more responsive to changes in the business world and the marketplace. This involves a three-part culture change process. We begin with our Grow Forward Strategy to map out an organizational transformation plan. From there, we start the Full Team Ahead program which includes a belonging assessment to understand what is needed for your company culture. We find this beautifully uncovers needs and defines key strategies to motivate and connect teams, and ultimately build trust. Finally, we build a Brand Culture Compass together, which is a visual tool that defines and aligns the vision, voice, and values of organizations. The result is a re-energized culture of trust and respect that supports company-wide goals and the embodiment of the brand promise to customers.