To remain viable, scale, and thrive, virtually every organization will, at some point, undergo a major transition or change. Whether adopting a new business model, implementing technology, or welcoming new leadership, these changes can have a significant impact on the future of the organization.

Unfortunately, organizational change isn’t always easy and when approached haphazardly, can be intimidating for employees, frustrating for leadership, and an unsatisfying experience for all. By partnering with Avo Solutions, you can help ensure your organizational change management (OCM) programs are set up for success from start to finish.

What is OCM?

Organizational change refers to the process used to modify a major component of an organization, such as its culture, operations, or underling technologies. Organizational change management is a discipline that uses tools and techniques to help transform an organization from where it is today to where it wants to be in the future—with maximum results and minimal disruption. OCM practicessuch asestablishing metrics, measuring outcomes, assessing readiness, communicating to stakeholders, and training employees, and are used throughout the business transformation initiative to ensure successful implementation and adoption.

OCM is especially critical when the organizational changes span behaviors, technology, and processes or when the change is expected to be significant and widespread. At this point, you may want to bring in a partner to help ensure your OCM is using best practice techniques.

Organizational transformation with Avo Solutions

Before an organization can effectively transform, it needs to identify its future state—the desired outcome of the transformation. Over the years, Avo Solutions has developed multiple models to align program objectives to future states, often relying on metrics measurement and clear communications to keep stakeholders informed of progress, barriers, and enablers. Our unique methodologies help deliver tangible, quantifiable outcomes for our clients.

For example, with technology implementation, our adoption strategies go beyond increasing tool usage to driving sustainable behavioral change and business impact. Using the ROI Institute Business Alignment Model™, we shift focus from technology objectives to business and cultural change, improving adoption through:

• Proactively managing the user experience
• Communicating and training at appropriate levels
• Clearly defining behavior expectations
• Measuring and reporting business impact
Using OCM to help deliver immediate and measurable results

Recently, Avo Solutions was engaged by a multinational tech company. The tech client had rolled out a collaboration 2.0 platform that was failing to achieve business value. More distressingly, the platform was becoming a barrier to performance. We helped the organization design a bottom-up (grass roots) adoption strategy using highly engaged influencers supported by structured collaboration and change management tools. We not only designed the adoption strategy, but also the supporting assessments, metrics, and governance. The results were immediate and impressive:

• 100% of 90-day opt-in goal;
• 380% of the first-year adoption goal;
• 450% of post-training participation and engagement goal;
• 20+ case studies generated for the marketing plan, achieving
• 105% of the client's case study goal.

OCM and leadership buy-in

In a separate project, Avo Solutions acted as the OCM and training consultant for a safety program for a large, state-run water resources agency. Implemented over fouryears and across 4,000 users, the project included an organizational readiness assessment, safety program gap assessment, and metrics tracking and reporting—all led by Avo Solutions. Notably, wehelped align leadership to agency-wide safety program objectives, resulting in 83% leadership buy-in or 111% of industry standards.

What characterizes a typical Avo engagement?

Avo Solutions usually gets involved in the strategy or implementation phase of a new initiative. We support technology implementations—CRM, Enterprise 2.0, LMS, FMIS, ERP, SDLC lifecycle tools, and PMIS—with proven change management solutions and methodologies. We also work with clients to ensure successful implementation of nontechnical initiatives, such as enterprise safety, talent strategy, and succession planning.

What’s unique about Avo Solutions?

Avo combines the structure and standards of a large consultancy with the intimacy, flexibility, and pricing of a smaller firm. Its intensely hands-on consulting solution uses highly developed and proven methodologies. As a boutique woman-owned consulting firm, we strive to genuinely understand our client’s unique business situation and challenges. We then develop a plan and partner with our clients to deliver measurable results.